Tuesday, 18 December 2007

1985: Seth Is Topping The Bill

From the Daily Mirror, 23/5/1985:

Stan Richards stands there, in smart grey suit topped by Seth Armstrong's soft woolly cap, screws up his face until his bushy moustache and gummy mouth almost meet up with his eyebrows, and grins gormlessly.

And in an accent as thick as Yorkshire gravy, he jokes: "Nah don't forget, if Mr Turner comes in 'ere tonight charge him extra - remember the beer is 75p a pint!"

The audience in the tiny village hall at Bradfield, not far from Sheffield, roar with delight.

Stan plays two or three dates a week, getting the kind of audience appreciation that would be the envy of many top comedians.

Stan has been Seth Armstrong, Emmerdale's poacher-turned gamekeeper, for eight years.
[BLOG NOTE: spot the newspaper boo-boo here - it was actually seven years at that point].

"I owe a lot to Emmerdale Farm" he says. "I'm playing the same clubs that I used to. Only difference is now they all want to see me."

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