Saturday, 22 December 2007

1988 - Emmerdale Farm's Christmas Milestone...

According to the book Emmerdale - The First Twenty Years, 5 January 1988 was a milestone in the series' history, with the show finally being shown nation-wide at the same time and on the same day! Another 1988 milestone was the broadcasting of episodes without break for the very first time.

The pages above from the Christmas/New Year 1988 TV Times, show the Emmerdale Farm crowd immersed in charades, and a glimpse of some of our final year's festive viewing before the advent of Sky Television in 1989. It was also, of course, the final year of Emmerdale Farm. From November 1989, the show would become Emmerdale.

Sally Knyvette, cult actress from that late '70s and early '80s space-bound series Blake's Seven, was Kate Hughes, the romantic interest for Joe Sugden. The couple would marry in 1989.

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