Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The Emmerdale '80s Quiz Part 1

Stuffed full of turkey, mince pies and nuts? Filled with Christmas cheer or having an attack of the "bah humbugs"? Whatever your state this festive season, whether you've celebrated too much, just enough, or not at all, the first of my Emmerdale '80s quiz sessions is just the breath of good olde English air - from the glorious county of Yorkshire - that you need to shake off that festive fatigue! No prizes, this is just for fun.

1) 1983 - drop that ghetto blaster, stop gawping at the unveiling of the first hand-held mobile phone and answer me this: why was Seth Armstrong demanding money from silent Walter this year?

2) 1982 - deelyboppers, leggings and pixie boots were the fashions, the ZX Spectrum arrived and a long-awaited baby for Matt and Dolly Skilbeck. Can you name him?

3) Annabelle the goat wreaked havoc in 1983 - she even ate Amos' cap. Which central character of the time did she belong to?

4) The World Wide Web, which brought the Internet into all our homes in the 1990s, was invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1989, and over at Emmerdale Farm the man pictured on the right caused a lot of trouble for the Sugdens. Can you name him and the actor who played him?

5) Drama at the vicarage as the Reverend Donald Hinton is held captive by a man with a shotgun. What was the name of the character with the gun?

6) Amos Brearly's new hobby set the village buzzing in 1985. What was it?

7) Meg Armstrong, wife of the legendary Seth, had a pet name for him. What?

8) In which year did Mr Turner first appear?

9) 1985 was the year of the first mobile phone call in England, indeed the whole of Britain, and Eammon Andrews claimed a This Is Your Life victim down on the farm. Who was the person in the limelight?

10) Sam Pearson won a competition prize in 1983 which he shared with his daughter Annie. What was it?


1) Seth left his spectacles on the bar and Walter put his pint pot down on them - smashing them. Seth demanded recompense! 2) Samuel David Skilbeck 3) Pat Sugden 4) Denis Rigg, played by Richard K Franklin. 5) Derek Warner 6) Bee keeping 7) “Poppet” 8) 1982 9) Sheila Mercier 10) A luxury cruise.

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