Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Emmerdale '80s Quiz Part 2

Here we go again, folks. Chuck away that ipod and fancy computer, get out your Nik Kershaw cassettes, your Walkman, your ZX Spectrum, your Rubik's Cube and your brick mobile, gel your hair, slam on your shoulder pads, and you're ready for the Emmerdale '80s Quiz, round 2!

1) The opening scenes of this 1989 episode showed an apparently deserted road vehicle (with the radio belting out the Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield's hit What Have I Done To Deserve This?), and a pair of feet. What on earth was going on?

2) Here's Eric Pollard making mischief in the '80s. In which year did he arrive?

3) Seth and pal. Name that donkey!

4) Al Dixon was hugely popular as the Woolpack's silent regular Walter in the early-to-mid 1980s. But Walter wasn't Mr Dixon's first silent role in the show. What was it?

5) 1987: gale force winds wreaked havoc, Nokia released its first hand-held mobile phone - the Cityman, and the yuppie dream came unstuck as the Stock Market crashed. The spirit of protest was so strong in Beckindale in 1987 that Jack Sugden got himself arrested! What was going on?

6) All sorts of news in 1989, including the Fall of the Berlin Wall. In Beckindale, this poor woman had a wandering husband that year. What was her name and what was the name of her husband's lover?

7) What was the occasion being celebrated here?

8) Amos Brearly founded a short-lived local newspaper in 1981. What was it called?

9) The Reverend Donald Hinton's daughter had an affair with Joe Sugden in 1983. What was the character's name?

10) Jackie Merrick married Kathy Bates in which year?

11) Yes, it's Ross Kemp pre-Grant Mitchell, playing a role in Emmerdale Farm. What was his character's name - and why was he interested in Dolly?

12) In which year did Mrs Bates begin work as Alan Turner's secretary?

13) Who played Doreen the barmaid?

14) A young Emmerdale Farm actor of the '80s pictured in 1987. Who is he, and which character did he play?

15) Joe Sugden's pal and much more to Sandie Merrick. Name the character and the actor.


1) Jackie Merrick, waiting to shoot a troublesome fox for a bet, had accidentally shot and killed himself. 2) 1986 3) Jenny 4) He appeared in a props photograph as Jacob Sugden, (alongside Sheila Mercier as Annie Sugden). The photograph stood on the farmhouse mantelpiece in the show’s early days. 5) Protests against a proposed nuclear dump near Beckindale. 6) Lynn Whiteley/Rachel Hughes 7) The show’s tenth anniversary in 1982. 8) “The Beckindale Bugle” 9) Barbara Peters 10) 1988 11) Graham Lodsworth - he was Dolly’s son. 12) 1984 13) Sandra Gough 14) Cy Chadwick who played Nick Bates. 15) Phil Pearce, played by Peter Alexander.

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