Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Sandra Gough Behind The Bar...

Daily Mirror, January 14, 1984:

Sandra Gough, once the wonderfully comic (though tragedy-stricken) Irma Ogden/Barlow of Coronation Street, was headed to Beckindale as barmaid Doreen. Could this spell romance for Mr Wilks?

Oh dear - trouble at The Malt Shovel in 1984. Mr Wilks (Arthur Pentelow) falls for Doreen's charms - to the consternation of Amos Brearly (Ronald Magill) and Ernie Shuttleworth (Peter Schofield).

The Sun, 13/5/1985: Ms Gough gives her opinion on Emmerdale Farm and her time in Coronation Street in a "Where Are They Now?" article on former Corrie stars.


  1. I've never much of an Emmerdale [Farm] aficionado, but am I right in saying that Sandra Gough also played a Dingle during the 1990s?

  2. I was never an Emmerdale viewer in the '90s, Sky, but I'm reliably informed she played a character called Nellie Dingle.