Sunday, 13 January 2008

1985: Viewing Figures Hit A New High, Jenny Runs Amok And Amos Takes Up Bee Keeping...

From the TV Times, 6-12 July, 1985. Some interesting soap predictions can be found under 2000 - a watch-this-space odyssey.

The serial is heading for greater days yet. In September, after its summer break during which some regions will see selected repeats of programmes, all ITV regions will finally be showing the same episode on the same day...

Synopsis for 9 July 1985.

Amos the bee-keeper!

Alan Turner on horseback and the programme synopsis for 11 July 1985.

Seth and Jenny.

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  1. Anonymous13.1.08

    I've just read this about Emmerdale on Wikipedia:

    "Until 1993, the show was largely ignored by press and viewers alike in the face of much more well known soaps such as Coronation Street, EastEnders and Brookside. However, a sensational plotline involving a plane crashing on to the village of Beckindale killing many long standing characters and leading to the onscreen renaming of Beckindale to Emmerdale (the village name change was a tribute to the Sugden Family whose farm was known as Emmerdale Farm) gained a lot of press and audience attention, rating 18 million viewers for the series of special episodes and cemented the show's place among the top UK soaps."

    And yet your blog shows the program was getting 14 million viewers in 1985 and was number 5 in the ITV ratings in 1983. And there's loads of articles on here, so the show was hardly "largely ignored by press and viewers alike", and was certainly more popular than Brookside.

    Wikipedia worries me! So many Wiki articles, written with an air of authority on a whole range of subjects, are actually complete and utter tripe.

    Thanks for supplying copies of material from the actual era.