Thursday, 10 January 2008

Amos In 1980

Amos and Mr Wilks in the 1980s.

Click on each illustration for a readable view.

Ah, 1980! The year of Solidarity, Ronald Reagan (his election in the USA did far more to shape the decade than the election of Mrs T in the UK in 1979 - more here), the vexing question of whether we were going to the Moscow Olympics or not, the arrival of the first personal stereos in the UK (costing nearly £100 and known as the Sony Stowaway - more here), the release of the Rubik's Cube, which hit Britain just before Christmas (though in very short supply - more here), the ZX80 (more here) and the craze which caused us all to sit down, do a weird rowing dance and chant "Oops Upside Your Head..."

Pretty average year.

On the telly, we were fascinated by Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World.

Riffling through some old newspapers from 1980, I was interested that various synopsis for Emmerdale Farm indicate that it was a very eventful year for Amos Brearly. Do you know who Enid Pottle, the newcomer to Beckindale that took an interest in his poetry in January, was?

What was causing the strange noises at the Woolpack in March?

Who was Amos' mystery lady in November?

And can you tell me who was the unexpected visitor at the Woolpack in December?
I was watching at the time, but I've slept since then!
All material/information about Amos' 1980 "doings" gratefully received!

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