Tuesday, 12 February 2008

1985: Emmerdale Farm Fascinates The Press!

News Of The World, May 12, 1985.

The newspaper gossip was fast and furious - how much was Frazer Hines being paid to return to the show? What about Ian Sharrock's wedding?

Journalists were now aware that articles featuring behind the scenes rumour and gossip from Emmerdale Farm helped to sell newspapers. The show had well and truly "arrived"!

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  1. Sex, sin and skulduggery? Good grief, the show was Snoozeville unlimited in 1985. I remember HUGE scenes with Amos and Seth prattling away and Alan Turner being a wally in his office.

    It was still better than its namesake is nowadays. Three million times better. I wouldn't wipe my feet on modern day Emmerdale.