Friday, 8 February 2008

1988: Amos, Seth, A Hot Air Balloon And A Dead Rabbit...

Amos, Seth and Walter at the Woolpack in 1983. Sadly, Walter last appeared in 1985, and actor Al Dixon, who stepped into the role c. 1980, died in 1986. But Amos and Seth's continuing feuds and rivalries made the whole of the '80s decade in Beckindale simply wonderful to watch!

From the Sun newspaper, September 15, 1988:

The balloon goes up at Beckindale Fete as Seth sets out to prove that Amos' tales of daredevil flying are so much hot air.

From the same edition of the Sun - what's all this about Amos, Seth and a dead rabbit?! Does any reader know the full details of this and/or the 1988 Beckindale Fete episode? If so, please drop me a line!

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