Sunday, 10 February 2008

Oh No - It's Harry Mowlam!

TV Times, 31 August - 6 September 1985. Quarryman Harry Mowlam (Godfrey James) is back for another stint in Emmerdale Farm. Mr Mowlam first appeared in a storyline in which he mistreated his dog, and ended up clashing with Matt and Dolly Skilbeck.

In 1985, his return heralded more trouble for Matt and Dolly - Mowlam made improper advances to Dolly and, shortly afterwards, she suffered a miscarriage. Mowlam had other irons in the fire - he was one of the crooks in a storyline about a security van robbery, which spilled over into 1986. After the robbery, Mr Mowlam was murdered by his associate Derek Warner, who ended up holding the vicar, the Reverend Donald Hinton, hostage at gunpoint.

Whilst Derek Warner seemed a sad, desperate and inadequate man, worthy of some sympathy at least, Harry Mowlam had been a complete and utter swine and was not mourned in Beckindale.

Matt Skilbeck was originally accused of Mowlam's murder, and the threat of a prison sentence hung over him until the true culprit was discovered.

Matt found it difficult to join in the celebrations which followed. Why should he celebrate the fact that his liberty was no longer threatened when it should never have been threatened in the first place? He brooded long and hard, but finally bucked his ideas up when he realised the effect his depression was having on those closest to him, particularly Dolly.

Note: Emmerdale Farm was still being shown at 5.15pm in the Anglia TV region and was returning for a "new series".

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