Monday, 17 March 2008

The Truth About The Woolpack

Amos - he wasn't daft!

An e-mail from Moggy:

Were Amos and Henry suffering from dementia in the 1980s? There were repeated mentions of the current Woolpack building's long history as a public house, but the original Woolpack was closed due to subsidence in the 1970s and Amos and Henry moved the pub to a converted corn chandler's house.

Er, not true, Moggy - although this information DOES appear in at least one book I've read on Emmerdale Farm history, in reality the corn chandler's dwelling was rejected by Amos due to rumours about it being haunted. Mr Wilks and a businessman friend found another building that had been a pub in Victorian times. When Amos referred to the building's long history as a public house during the 1980s, he was not referring to its long history as the Woolpack!

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