Thursday, 29 May 2008

Happy Birthday From Amos

Amos, hoping for a best-loved landlord award in 1985 - "Nay, Nay, Mr Wilks - 'Loveability' is my middle name."

Some years ago I received a birthday card from Mr Amos Brearly, proprietor of the Woolpack Inn, Beckindale. Well, actually, I received a birthday card from Mr Ronald Magill, the actor behind the Mr Brearly character but, as was his habit, he also signed it as Amos!

My wife organised the card with Mr Magill as a surprise - and it made that birthday particularly special. It remains a treasured souvenir of one of the all-time soap greats.

As Beckindale correspondent for the Hotten Courier, Amos was probably quite used to replying to fan mail!

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  1. Brian4.6.08

    You lucky thing! I loved Amos.