Saturday, 3 May 2008

Lindley Farm

A 1980s view of Lindley Farm, Yorkshire - the real life location for Emmerdale Farm from 1972-1993. Farmed by a man always known to Emmerdale fans as "Farmer Bell", the house seemed as solid as could be and had, in the storyline, been home to several generations of Sugdens.

Throughout the 1980s, Annie Sugden tended her Aga here. Jack came home in 1980, and soon brought a new bride to the house, Pat, in 1982.

Their son, Jackie, and Pat's daughter, Sandie, moved in and, in 1986, Pat gave birth to another child - Robert. The much-loved Grandad Pearson died peacefully here in November 1984, and his grandson, Joe, brought a new bride, Kate, and her two children, Rachel and Mark, to live here in 1989.

The house knew terrible tragedy in the 1980s, with the sudden deaths of Pat and Jackie.

A barn at the back of the house was converted into a cottage for Matt and Dolly Skilbeck in 1982 and the house showed every sign of outlasting several more generations of Sugdens.

But the 1990s put paid to that idea. Do you know what happened to the original Emmerdale farmhouse?

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  1. Darren4.5.08

    Emmerdale Farm house began subsiding in 1993 - it had been built on an old mine. In real life the farmer had retired.