Sunday, 4 May 2008

New Poll - What's Your Favourite 1980s Emmerdale Farm Year?

1980 - the return of Jack Sugden (now played by Clive Hornby).

What was your favourite 1980s year of Emmerdale Farm action? Was it 1980, when Jack arrived back from Italy - and Pat Merrick brought Jackie and Sandie to the village?
Perhaps it was 1982 - a good year for Matt and Dolly - with the birth of their son, Sam.

1983 - Walter broke Seth's glasses...

And then there's 1984, when Jack was a bad lad with Karen Moore, Mrs Bates formed a fun working relationship with Alan Turner and dear old Grandad Pearson died...

Perhaps the gritty drama of 1986, with Harry Mowlam wreaking havoc before being brutally murdered, Eric Pollard first appearing at Hotten Market and Meg Armstrong imposing a strict regime at the Woolpack floats your boat?

1986: "I'm Eric Pollard!" - the devious one introduces himself; "That's quite enough out of you, poppet!" says Meg Armstrong; "I'm gonna break your bloody back!" says Harry Mowlam...

How about the struggle against a nuclear waste dump in 1987 - hailed as a major step forward in the politicisation of soap, or 1989 when Jackie died and the Tates arrived at Home Farm?

Lots of memories from a pivotal decade of Emmerdale history, which saw changes in pace, characters and name. The 1980s saw the serial celebrate ten years and was also the first full decade of the serial. Whichever 1980s year you choose, there was Emmerdale!

1987 - Say NO To The Beckindale Nuclear Dump!

1988 - Jackie and Kathy marry.

Eyes left for our Poll - hover your mouse over each year and you'll see a brief list of some of the events contained therein.

And then vote, vote, vote.

Talking of voting, remember when Amos wanted to become Member of Parliament for Halifax in 1982? Poor Halifax!

But what a great storyline...

1989 - the shock of the new - the Tates arrive at Home Farm...

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  1. Tibbles5.5.08

    I've voted 1987 because of the Nuclear story. I remember it well and it was really well done. I wrote to congratulate the production team at the time.