Saturday, 14 June 2008

The 1980s - Amos Brearly's Golden Decade

Amos and Alan Turner in 1983

An e-mail from Lizzie:

I've just watched some Emmerdale Farm episodes from 1975 and 1978. Is it me, or was Amos more restrained in the 1970s? He seemed pretty potty but not half as potty and oddball as he did in some episodes I have from 1983! I loved this character, but I think the 1980s was probably his heyday.

I agree, Lizzie - Amos was always great, but the character was refined and honed to perfection by the early 1980s. Like a fine wine, the character was all the better for maturing. I always hail the 1980s as the golden era of Amos and Mr Wilks!


  1. Anonymous15.6.08

    I watched the "Woolpack Terror" episode from 1978 on and I agree - Amos was quieter and more dour then. He was at his most funny and brilliant in the 80's. Ronald Magill was a genius!

  2. It is true. Amos and Henry were brilliant in the 1980's. My father rented a video recorder in 1983, one of the first people in his street to do so, and used to tape Emmerdale Farm. Whenever I visited him, he'd show me all the Amos and Henry scenes, fast forwarding through the episodes to find them. I used to love them. They were a great double act, at their absolute peak.