Friday, 1 August 2008

1980: Domestic Crisis At The Woolpack...

There were no plane crashes in Emmerdale Farm in the 1980s, nor terrible storms, nor brawling Woolpack regulars, but Beckindale's favourite inn did have its fair share of crises in those days. Take this one:

Having just hand-washed a few tea towels at The Woolpack in the spring of 1980, Amos Brearly discovered that he couldn't disperse the suds left in the kitchen sink after he'd let the water out.

The vicar, the Rev Donald Hinton, paid a visit whilst Amos swished his marigolded hands around in the suds, and Amos confided in him:

"It's always't same. I can't get soap suds to go down't plug hole..."

"I have exactly the same problem," said Donald.

They pondered the problem long and hard, in fact the vicar was concentrating so hard he barely heard Amos discussing other matters.

Donald hit upon a possible solution: "Perhaps if you turn on the cold tap?"

Amos tried this and, with the aid of a little more hand swishing, the suds gradually disappeared.

Crisis passed.

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