Monday, 4 August 2008

1980: Indoors, Outdoors

Lindley Farm was the real life exterior location for Emmerdale Farm from 1972-1993. Interior scenes were filmed in the studios at Yorkshire Television, and the interior of Emmerdale farmhouse was very different to the interior of Lindley Farm. Usually, clever camera work kept the illusion for viewers that Lindley Farm was Emmerdale Farm, but occasionally there was a slip up.

This scene from 1980 shows Dolly Skilbeck leaving Emmerdale Farm for a trip into Hotten. But what has happened to the underside of the staircase which protrudes into the farm kitchen, where are the familiar coat pegs, and what is that wallpaper and (what looks like a) water heater doing inside the kitchen?!

The studio interior set, 1980 - staircase and coat pegs included!

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