Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Emily Brearly

Emily Brearly - a brief visitor to The Woolpack in 1980 and 1983 - played by Ann Way.

An e-mail from Karen:

Thanks for 1980 Month. I love it so far. Can you tell me if you'll be featuring Amos Brearly's Auntie Emily, and was 1980 the first time she appeared in the show? And will you be featuring the arrival of the Merricks?

I'm glad you're enjoying 1980 Month, Karen. Yes, I will be featuring the Aunt Emily storyline, and 1980 was the first time the character appeared in the show. She turned up in November and Sam Pearson commented that Amos Brearly had been in Beckindale for around twenty years. In all that time, Sam hadn't even known that Amos HAD an auntie! Matt Skilbeck recalled that Amos had been expecting a visit from an aunt some years before - but she hadn't actually turned up.

Aunt Emily initially disapproved of the fact that Amos had a business partner - poor Mr Wilks - but she quite liked him when she met him.

Emily's first visit to The Woolpack coincided with a visit from Alice Wilks (Hazel Bainbridge), Mr Wilks' cousin.

The arrival of the Merricks will also be covered later in the month.

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