Sunday, 31 August 2008

Farewell, 1980 - For Now!

And so we bid farewell to 1980 - for now! It was a truly memorable Emmerdale Farm year, which saw the arrival of Clive Hornby as Jack Sugden, Jean Rogers as Dolly Skilbeck, Al Dixon as silent Walter, Martin Dale as Sergeant MacArthur and the debut of Richard Anstey (Carl Rigg) at NY Estates.

The Merricks (Helen Weir, Ian Sharrock, Jane Hutcheson and Edward Peel) apparently "returned" - but all had different faces - and Ruth had a different Christian name too - she was now Pat! Also, the family seemed to be minus a child as Ruth Merrick had been the mother of three children in the 1972 episodes!

Seth Armstrong made a huge change in the summer of 1980 - deserting The Malt Shovel, his local for many years, to drink at The Woolpack, dramatically increasing the character's on-screen appearances - and driving Amos Brearly madder than ever!

Annie Sugden had a bad knee, the Longthorns first appeared, and Joe went to NY Estates to work...

By the end of the year, Walter and Seth were established at The Woolpack, Andy Longthorn was making eyes at Sandie Merrick and we had finally broken out of the NY Estates office to begin exploring life with the estate workers.

Amos celebrated Christmas with some traditional bell ringing at The Woolpack.

1981 would bring what 1981 would bring...

A tractor falling on Enoch Tolly?

Amos Brearly grappling with one of those new fangled Space Invaders machines?

Seth Armstrong being a lousy gamekeeper and facing the sack?

Bitter battles with NY Estates over right-of-ways?

Arson at NY Estates?

A burglary at Emmerdale Farm?

Surely not!!

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