Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Joe Sugden - "Always One For The Women"?

Joe Sugden, December 1980.

Doreen has written:

I've got an Emmerdale Farm episode from 1983, and in it Henry comments that Joe Sugden was "one for the women". That's not how I remember him - he always seemed a romantic type of man to me, not some randy little swine!

I agree, Doreen. Joe always seemed to be out for more than just sex in his relationships. And he often ended up getting hurt - in the 1980s, he was deserted by Barbara Peters and Ruth Pennington. He always seemed to be seeking something lasting.

Mr Wilks would view things as an outsider - only we viewers were privy to Joe's innermost hopes and fears.

Joe was a nice character - we used to worry about him and his disastrous love life a great deal!

Then, of course, he found Kate Hughes.


And then came 1990...

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