Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Meadows White

An e-mail from Stockholm:

Hello Thanks for a nice informative Blogg :)

Earlier this year i bought the " Emmerdale farm first series dvd" and in at least one episode "Walter" together with another gentleman was sat outside "Frank Blakeys" Smithy And the name in the list was " Meadows White"

Thanks for that. Meadows White is mentioned as a Beckindale Walter in several of the 1980s Walter articles on this blog, but I don't think the character was actually related to the Geoffrey Hooper Woolpack Walter - on-screen circa 1974 to 1980 - or the Al Dixon Woolpack Walter of 1980-1985.

The Meadows White Walter was not silent and, in the episodes I have, he was not in The Woolpack. Also, according to his IMDB profile, Mr White died on 20 November 1973 - several years before Geoffrey Hooper appeared as the first Woolpack Walter.

Many thanks for taking the trouble to write.

Sorry for the lack of blog updates this month - but I'm currently in hospital. Things will hopefully be back to normal in the near future. I'm hoping to be back very soon with an in-depth look at Beckindale in 1981 and 1982.

Read about Al Dixon's 1980s Walter here.


  1. Anonymous1.10.08

    Oh I am sorry , i should learn to read a bit better

    Magnus ,Stockholm

    Thanks again

  2. I appreciated your comment, Magnus. Please feel free to cxomment whenever you like. It's nice to know people are interested.