Friday, 7 November 2008

Lindley Farm For Sale...

Here's little old me up at Emmerdale Farm in the 1980s. Excuse the editing. My face is neither rustic nor idyllic. The real life location for Emmerdale Farm, from 1972-1993, was Lindley Farm near Harrogate. Interior scenes were filmed in the studios at Yorkshire Television, but for millions of viewers the exterior of Lindley Farm was Emmerdale.

And now the farmhouse - renamed "Lindley House" is up for sale.

And its interior is very far removed from Emmerdale Farm.

Here's the kitchen - no Annie and no Aga. In reality, the part of the house where Annie's kitchen was supposed to be is now a study!

Lindley Farmhouse was rather larger than Emmerdale Farmhouse was supposed to be. In 1982, the area at the back of the house was explained away as being a barn, which was then converted into a home for Matt and Dolly Skilbeck. See the details for the Lindley House sale here.


  1. Anonymous8.11.08

    1.25 million - sounds like a fair price considering it's history - If you want to purchase a piece of TV history - get out your chequebook! LOL

  2. Anonymous8.11.08

    You could buy a likewise property for less then 1/12 of the price in Sweden, Containing wood value.

    Still it wouldnt have been used as Emmerdale Farm lol


  3. Anonymous8.11.08

    I think the house is beautiful. I cannot believe how grand it is. Lindley House should be renamed Emmerdale House!

  4. When I started watching I think Joe & Kate lived in the back section. I can remember someone boarding up the internal connecting door in the kitchen to stop Annie wandering through when she pleased!

  5. Anonymous11.11.08

    That was Sarah Sugden (then Connolly) who had the connecting door boarded up in 1990, when she first moved in with Jack.