Monday, 24 November 2008

Worst Story Line And Who Are They?

Thanks to Cerys for this e-mail:

I agree that the 1980s were a great time for Emmerdale Farm but every decade contains a few dud moments. I think my worst story line of the '80s was Joe's affair with Karen Moore - a desperate attempt to stir up more trouble between Jack and Joe. What was your worst Farm storyline of the '80s?

I have to say Dolly's affair with Stephen Fuller. Matt and Dolly and their very ordinary marriage were favourite Emmerdale Farm ingredients for me.

I always thought that the Skilbeck scenes, with young Sam often in attendance, seemed very warm, natural and low key, and I hated to see Matt and Dolly's relationship end.

I'll leave you for now with a little mystery: pictured above are members of a Beckindale family in the early 1980s. Who are they? More soon.

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  1. Anonymous28.12.08

    That would be the Tolly family. Enoch(Neil McCarthy),wife Grace(Margaret Stallard), daughter Naomi (Jenny Tomasin).Jenny returned as a different character Noreen Bell in 2006.
    There was also another daughter Hannah (Alison Ambler).
    All the best.