Tuesday, 2 December 2008

No Return For The Skilbecks?

Signed YTV publicity picture of Jean Rogers as Dolly in April 1980.

An e-mail this evening expressing disappointment that Dolly and Matt Skilbeck will not be returning to Emmerdale for Jack's funeral.

Chloe writes:

It was lovely to see Frederick Pyne and Jean Rogers with Frazer Hines and Sheila Mercier in the 5000th episode celebration programme. I loved watching them doing the scene from the 80s episode, with Matt, Dolly, Annie and Joe all sat round the farm table!

I know Joe can't return, but I thought it would have been very natural for Matt and Dolly to have been there. I'm really disappointed. Is there any chance that they may still appear?

It doesn't seem likely, Chloe. If I hear anything different, I'll let you know.

The blurb from the 1980 publicity photograph.


  1. Alan Turner's Left House Slipper3.12.08

    I recall Matt and Dolly watching the News At Ten and chatting before turning in for the night, Dolly making butter, helping Annie Sugden and working at the play school, Matt working on the fields, delivering lambs and acting peacemaker between Jack and Joe Sugden...

    And then there was dear little Sam!

    The Skilbecks were a lovely family. I really don't think they would fit in as the show is nowadays.

  2. Anonymous4.12.08

    How did Annie Sugden Brearly get on with Seth, I know he was a friend of Grandad Sam? What was the Sugden's house in the plane crash because the inside looked very much like today's Annie's Cottage? And did Jack and Peggy have make some kind of peace before she died, I know she died of something along the lines of a brain haemorrhage and what exactly was she doing when she died, because we don't know much about Peggy anymore.

    Sorry, one more question, is there any plans about a second volume of Emmerdale Farm (carrying on from the last one) they do have all the episodes in the archive and if they release so many crossroads and corrie i'm sure they will do it with Emmerdale Farm.

  3. Anonymous9.12.08

    Bryan Higgins: There are rumours that are being reintroduced in the show sometime in late 2009 after a 20 year absence. Well it's certainly possible with the persuasive talents of the current producer - she's tempted back Sheila Mercier for 3 episodes in February, and ITV haven't denied it, so don't lose hope!

    My gut reaction even with actors of Jean & Freddie's calibre is don't go back - Emmerdale has changed a great deal over the years like life itself, but they're so good I think they would instinctively adapt to the modern day.

  4. Yes, I've heard the rumour about 2009. But another source, so far very reliable, informs The Bugle that it isn't true and that no approaches have been made by YTV to the actress and actor concerned.

  5. Anonymous: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what Peggy was doing when she died. There is a small amount of material about her on my 1972-1979 Emmerdale blog.

    And, sorry again, but I don't know of any plans for further DVD releases.

    Annie was fond of Seth - although she lectured him sternly and called him a "great goon" after he was thrown out by his wife in 1983!

    The 1990s Sugdens' house you speak of was Hawthorn Cottage, home to Matt and Peggy (briefly) in 1973.