Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The 1980s AND The 1990s?

1984 - Amos is furious that Walter has been sneaking off to The Malt Shovel; 1994: Jack Sugden surveys the devastation after the plane crash which ended 1993.

I've had an e-mail from Karl:

I love your blog - it's informative, fun and packed with great pictures. Would you consider extending the Beckindale Bugle to cover the 1990s, as well as the 1980s? It would be great to see these two wonderful Emmerdale decades here.

I'd love to, Karl, but I didn't see a great deal of Emmerdale in the '90s for various reasons. The Bugle is written out of affection for the 1980s era in the show, which gave me lots of viewing pleasure.

Still, there's no doubt that the 1990s were a fascinating decade in the show. How about starting a 1990s Emmerdale blog yourself?

Thanks for your kind words about The Bugle. There's much more to come as we put 1981 and 1984 under the spotlight.


  1. Mrs Bates' Fan20.1.09

    Emmerdale is the master of re-invention. It's re-invented itself as something very different to what it was. OK, the 80's show was different to the 70's show in many ways and the show's tempo and style altered to fit the new decade, but the place was still recognisably Beckindale. And there was plenty to love like Mrs Bates and Alan Turner and, as you say Amos went totally up the pole. Ronald Magill's finest hour was the 80's.

    When Matthew King was killed in Emmerdale, you could quite clearly see the part of Home Farm that used to be Alan and Caroline's office in the '80's in some of the shots. But I couldn't believe they even inhabited the same universe as the Kings.

    That's what I mean: in the 90's it completely reinvented itself. If you ran the blog to include the 90's, tales of Kim being evil and the plane crash would sit very strangely beside tales of the sheep shelter, Amos, Mrs Bates and even Harry Mowlam.

    It would be freaky.

    I think you're right to stick to the 80's and somebody else can do the 90's.

  2. Joanna T13.3.09

    It was good in the 1980s - a golden decade for Emmerdale.