Saturday, 14 February 2009

Amos: When True Love Was Crushed By A Crushed Ukulele

Was Amos ever in love as a young man, asks Cerys? Well, yes, perhaps! Of course, he asked Annie Sugden to marry him in an early episode, but that was purely for practical reasons - and he wasn't exactly young at the time. However, in 1982, he revealed a tragic story to Mr Wilks...

"I might 'a' married Gillian Partridge. Aunt Emily thought I should 'a' done."

"Who were Gillian Partridge?" asked Mr Wilks.

"Oh, very talented, Mr Wilks, very talented!" said Amos. "You've not seen her like this side 'a' Bridlington!"

"Mmm, sounds very impressive - what did she do?" asked Mr Wilks.

"George Formby impersonations," said Amos.

"Oh dear!" Mr Wilks began to chuckle. Even Walter was smiling. But then neither was what you might call sensitive.

"She'd 'a' won that talent contest - if Uncle Arthur 'adn't sat on her ukulele!" continued Amos. "It were all his fault. He ruined what were likely to be a very fruitful relationship!"

And so, it seems, Amos' youthful dreams of romance were crushed.

Just like Gillian's ukulele.


  1. Anonymous16.2.09

    When Amos left in January 1991, did Mr. Wilks stay on as landlord and was his new partner and co. landlord Alan Turner? What do you think about the Sugden family now from Jack's tribute compared to the earlier Sugden family did you like the new characters in Emmerdale?

  2. I liked the new arrivals in the 1980s - Clive Hornby as Jack, Jean Rogers as Dolly, Al Dixon as Walter, Richard Thorp as Alan Turner, Chris Chittell as Eric Pollard, Diana Davies as Mrs Bates, etc. - and the way the established chracters evolved in that decade. But I don't know a lot about today's show or its characters. I don't really feel qualified to judge as I only watched the Sheila Mercier episodes.

  3. I can't recall if Mr Wilks was in partnership with Alan initially, but Alan certainly took over the Woolpack when Amos left.

  4. Anonymous17.2.09

    Wilks stayed on as Alan's partner up until his death - he was totally opposed to Alan's plans to turn the pub more upmarket.

  5. Anonymous17.2.09

    The Woolpack became quite nauseating in the '90s!

  6. Anonymous19.2.09

    I thought Wilks moved into Emmerdale Farm after Amos left?

  7. I'm sure he did. But what the background was to that and whether Mr Wilks retained an interest in the pub, I don't know! Sorry - my Emmerdale Farm knowledge doesn't extend much beyond the 1980s, which are the subject of this blog.

  8. Bryan Higgins19.2.09

    When Amos retired from the Woolpack, Wilks stayed on as Alan's partner for a few months, but left the pub shortly before his death and moved into Emmerdale Farm. After this Alan began employing barmaids, Caroline Bates who came back for couple of months, and then Carol Nelson who stayed until 1993.

  9. Dan D15.4.09

    I'm a big fan of 1980's emmerdale farm and i love the characters of Amos and Mr Wilkes they were a great double act running the woolpack I really wish that network would bring out some DVDs of 1980's
    emmerdale farm it will be a real shame if they don't because early emmerdale in my book is the best and its such a great classic tv series.

  10. It would be terrific, Dan, if some 1980s episodes were released. The '80s Emmerdale Farm was fabulous - the original characters were honed to perfection, a couple were recast, and there were lots of great newcomers. Amos and Mr Wilks were simply magical in that decade!

    Thanks for your comment.

  11. I just wonder during the 1980s when Amos Brearly and Henry Wilks owned the Woolpack together was the pub a two bar pub or did it just have the one main bar

    Many thanks Dan.

  12. There was just the main bar for most of the 1980s, Dan, and then, towards the end of the decade, a special room for the local young people to drink in was added.

  13. Thanks very much andy for your reply I love the style of the 1980's
    woolpack with its the old style wooden panelling and bass plates on the walls it's amazing how the sudio sets look so real

    Cheers Dan.

  14. Anonymous16.8.09

    my Dad worked on every episode of Emerdale,for over 10 years.
    I can remember very fondly, being the only kid allowed on set, behind the crew. Id almost always be sat somewhere in some corner of the studio, whilst Dad worked.
    thats how I ended up acting & i miss those old days sometimes.
    He was cast as an N Y Estate worker & i will always have the picture of him in my mind, wearing those old black wellington boots that were folded down at the top & his checkered shirt & flat cap.
    He passed away 4 & a half years ago but if any of the cast do ever read this or if anybody knew him,come & say hi at his stage name was Tom Mason & he had brown curly hair,glasses & was always ready with a joke.
    all the best to anybody reading this.
    Donna Mason / DDM Productions.