Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Funeral Of Jack Sugden - Farewell To An Emmerdale Favourite

Click on image for details. Clive Hornby debuted as Jack Sugden on 19 February 1980. The character's funeral will be featured in this week's episodes of Emmerdale on ITV1. See all our Clive Hornby/Jack Sugden information here.


  1. Anonymous8.2.09

    Nicely done Andy.

    I can't wait to see Annie again. Emmerdale should be ashamed that it took Clive Hornby's death to bring her back for a visit.

  2. Anonymous9.2.09

    I don't think she was ever forgotten about - I remember Sheila Mercier stating back in 1997 that she didn't want to return to the show and live a happy retirement, but Jack's funeral is different, I don't think she would've hesisted to turn it down.

    I think it will be a wonderful tribute to an Emmerdale great!

  3. Anonymous11.2.09

    It was a wonderful tribute to Andrew Burt as Jack Sugden and the first episode. It was nice that Clive Hornby's photograph was put up in the Woolpack. But the ghost scene was ridiculous. Somehow, the fact that Clive wasn't in the first episode seemed to have got lost down the back of the production team's settee.

  4. Cerys11.2.09

    I agree - it was more about Andrew Burt than Clive Hornby. But I loved Clive's picture joining the gallery of greats in the Woolpack. Still, it was all very odd as the episode brought back such powerful memories of an entirely different actor to Clive Hornby - and I thought it was a shame. The episode should have been based more on Clive's debut, not Andrew Burt's.

  5. Anonymous11.2.09

    Tim Fee, Emmerdale staff, was misleading in an interview at ITV.Com. He definitely seemed to be trying to infer that Mr Hornby, not just Jack Sugden, was in episode one. He wasn't.

    The show reminded me of Andrew Burt simply because it heavily ripped-off episode one of Emmerdale Farm, but it also ripped-off Home And Away", when the music played and the ghost appeared. TV for dullards.

  6. Aaron11.2.09

    I thought it was a lovely tribute to Clive and Jack and I cryed. People should not be moaning about it. They did they're best and it was really good.

  7. Anonymous11.2.09

    I think Clive would have asked: "Why are you paying tribute to me by echoing Episode 1? I wasn't in the show until 1980!" It's good to see your screen captures of Clive's first scenes on this blog - a little bit of reality!

  8. Anonymous11.2.09

    I thought it was a tremendous episode and I wept buckets! It was a tribute to Jack Sugden and it was brilliant!

  9. Anonymous11.2.09

    Masterful episode, filled with audio extracts from Clive's time as Jack through out. The characters/actors who worked closely with him giving such brilliant performances made it all the more poignant.

    People are forgetting that it was also a tribute to Emmerdale's last remaining original character - Jack Sugden. That is why it was based on the very first episode.

  10. Emmerdale Farm finished in 1989, so there was no point in going back to the first episode of that series. Jack Sugden was not the same Jack Sugden who appeared in the first episode of that show, nor was he really the same character who appeared in the 1980's and early 1990's.

    Emmerdale started distancing itself from Emmerdale Farm in the 90's and it's now just plain stupid to try and link the two.

  11. Sheila Mercier was fab - what a wonderful actress! She must have been very fond of Clive Hornby to have agreed to make the tribute.

    Seeing Annie with Alan Turner (no longer the blithering idiot from NY Estates she originally met in 1982) really made me happy. So nice to see Annie returning to meet characters she knew. And seeing her with Alan reminded me of Mrs Bates and Seth and all the happy times at NY Estates, when Seth was running rings round Alan and Annie was worrying as Jack clashed with Alan over hedges or footpaths for the millionth time.

    The episode wasn't perfect, but it was, I'm sure, made out of great affection for Clive Hornby and it was very moving.

    My congratulations to all concerned. And particularly to Sheila Mercier. Annie was as wonderful as ever.

  12. maria12.2.09

    Oh, and thanks for your wonderful tribute, too - great to see Annie today and in 1980, Alan in his first scene and all those pics of Clive with the cast - especially lovely old Toke Townley!