Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sheila Mercier - In Appreciation

Sheila Mercier as Annie Sugden made a brief return to Emmerdale as a tribute to Clive Hornby last week. And for fans of Emmerdale, new as well as old, it was a great pleasure to see her on-screen. From being parched for a cup of tea, to fixing Eric Pollard with a glare, and talking good sense to her family, Annie was as wonderful as ever. And it was good to see her with Richard Thorp - now the longest running regular cast member as Alan Turner (I've just been watching his debut episodes from 1982 - seems like yesterday!).

Many thanks to Sheila. Her appearance was a tremendous tribute to Clive Hornby, and a great treat for us viewers.


  1. Joanna T13.3.09

    Sheila brought a touch of class acting back to the show.

  2. Geoff Hall31.3.09

    Did anyone notice the "mistake" in the closing credits of the Emmerdale tribute to Clive Hornby? Annie was listed as "Annie Sugden". I seem to remember that she had married Amos in Spain to become "Annie Brierly".

  3. Anonymous6.11.10

    She was credited as Sugden to parallel the first episode. As regards to Amos, I would like there to be an explanation for his absence at Jacks funeral and why Annie seems to live alone now in Spain. Despite Ronald Magills death, the character was never laid to rest.