Friday, 13 February 2009

Tim Fee To Retire

Timothy J Fee began work on Emmerdale Farm as unit manager in 1988, then became Production Supervisor. In the 1990s, his job title was upgraded to Production Controller. He was given the new title of "Line Producer" in February 2002. Here's a brief Emmerdale Tim Timeline:

1988: Begins work on Emmerdale (Farm) as Unit Manager - Sheila Mercier mentions this as his original job title in her autobiography, Annie's Song (1994)

1989: Tim is listed as "Production Supervisor" in the closing credits of a November episode I have on disc.

1994: Sheila Mercier refers to Tim's role as "Production Supervisor" in her autobiography.

1996: Listed as "Production Controller" in the closing credits of several episodes I have on disc from that year.

February 2002: Job title changed to Line Producer - discovered on-line:

Yorkshire TV executives have also announced that Tim Fee, Emmerdale's production controller is being given the new title of line producer to recognise even more fully 'his importance to the smooth running of Emmerdale'. 'As anyone who works on Emmerdale knows, Tim is at the heart of all that goes on there and played a key part in the smooth transition to five episodes a week,' says John Whiston.
Says Tim, who has worked on Emmerdale for 12 years: 'I'm thrilled to be supporting Steve in his new role and look forward to even more Emmerdale success, after taking the show to five-times-a-week with Kieran.' 'With the combination of Tim and Steve both Keith and myself are not just confident but excited about the future for Emmerdale and know that we've got a great team to take the show on from the excellent state that Kieran left it in,' says John Whiston.

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Sheila Mercier wrote fondly of Tim in her autobiography, Annie's Song (1994):

"He has such a sunny disposition that it rubs off on everyone."

From all of us here at The Beckindale Bugle, we wish you a long and happy retirement, Tim!

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