Tuesday, 28 April 2009

1981: A Quickie Quiz Starring Walter, Amos Brearly And?

Paul has written to say that I haven't mentioned Al Dixon's Walter (1980-1985) for a while. Thanks, Paul - that won't do at all! Here's a Quickie Quiz featuring Walter - no prizes, just a bit of fun!

In late 1981, Walter was left knocking at The Woolpack as the pub remained closed at Opening Time. Highly puzzled, and persistent, Walter knocked and knocked and knocked...

Then another customer arrived - a man who was an infrequent visitor to Beckindale. He sounded his van horn, which was rather loud, to say the least...

... alerting Amos Brearly (Ronald Magill), who was busy painting the cellar to the strains of Gilbert And Sullivan's With Cat Like Tread on the radio, to the fact that Opening Time was past...

Missing Opening Time was something Amos never thought he'd do, but he was entering The Woolpack in the brewery's "Best Kept Cellar" competition, and, terribly keen to win, had been quite engrossed in his task.

Amos reprimanded Walter for rapping on the pub door so persistently and was not best pleased to see the man who had been making such a noise on his van's horn...

Here's the Quickie Quiz:

Can you tell, from looking at the middle photograph featured in this post, who the man in the van was?


  1. Not sure if I'm right but is the man in third photo in the van possible Tom Merrick.

  2. Absolutely correct, Dan!

  3. Cerys30.4.09

    I was going to say Tom Merrick - the dishy, Edward Peel version!

  4. Benjamin26.4.10

    Hi I am visiting Esholt soon. I would love to see a clip of Tom played by Eddie Peel. I remember him as Tony but I have read a lot about him when he played Tom. Is there any chance of uploading a clip Andy?

  5. Sorry, Benjamin, but because of copyright laws I can't upload clips. Edward Peel's brief reign as Tom Merrick in the early 1980s was very memorable - and rather different from what went before or came afterwards. Whenever Tom Merrick is mentioned, I immediately think of Edward Peel's interpretation.

    I hope you enjoy Esholt. Perhaps you might even find Walter's house - if so, give him my best regards!

  6. Benjamin29.4.10

    Hi Andy. Thanks anyway. I understand due to copyright laws. Edward Peel is the most memorable as Tom. Do you have any idea how old Tom Merrick was supposed to be in 1980? 37, 38 ish??

    I began watching Emmerdale after the plane crash and I can clearly remember the episode where grand old Annie woke from a coma in 1994 when I was 11. I have been visiting this site for a few years and find it brill.

    Yes I may even find a 110 year old Walter in the Esholt Woolie when I have lunch in there.

  7. Hi, Benjamin!

    Yes, I agree - Edward Peel took a fairly boring, "bit part" character and turned it into compelling viewing!

    I think Tom was in his mid-to-late thirties in 1980.

    Walter... you know, from the first time I clapped eyes on Al Dixon, upon his debut in September 1980, I was entranced by that character.

    I'm really glad you like The Bugle, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Esholt. It was the background to a lot of Emmerdale history.

  8. Benjamin30.4.10

    Andy do you prefer Esholt or the purpose built set at Harewood now used to film Emmerdale?

    I think the show lost something when they stopped filming at Esholt in 1997. Esholt holds many, many good memories for the show.

    Apparently Wikipedia entry for Tom Merrick says he was born in 1945, the same year as Pat. That would make him 35 in 1980 so about the same age as Pat and Jack. I know Edward Peel was born in 1943.

  9. I never watch Emmerdale - haven't for years - but from what I've seen, I think they made a good job of the new village. Esholt will always be Beckindale to me, but I can see why the production team wanted a purpose built set.