Saturday, 18 April 2009

Judy Westrop And Other Queries...

Billie asks: How long did Judy Westrop (Jane Cussons) appear in Emmerdale Farm?

1979-1980, Billie. She debuted in the show in '79, the year of the ITV Strike, which, of course, disrupted Emmerdale Farm as much as any other ITV show.

In May 1980, Judy's father, Maurice (Edward Dentith), left Beckindale, but Judy stayed on to work at Hotten Cattle Market and live at Demdyke Row. She had a brief but unhappy dalliance with a gutter press journalist, who was in Beckindale to "dig the dirt" on the newly-returned Jack Sugden.

Judy left to take up a new job elsewhere in the late summer of 1980.

Carol enquires:

I've read that Jack Sugden was framed for setting fire to an NY Estates barn around 1980. What were the pyrotechnics like way back then?

Non-existent in this instance, Carol! The story-line actually took place in 1981, with Tom Merrick out to frame Jack, but although the barn apparently burnt down, we saw nothing on-screen.

Paul says:

More Malandra Burrows, please. I've loved her since those days of yore.

There'll be more soon, Paul - I promise!

And finally - from Mike:

Just found this blog of yours. It's really good stuff.

Cheers, Mike, the cheque's in the post!

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