Saturday, 16 May 2009

When Did Ronald Magill Leave The Permanent Cast Of Emmerdale?

Liz writes:

I know you only deal with the 1980s here, but can you make an exception because I'm mighty puzzled? When did Ronald Magill leave the permanent cast of Emmerdale Farm? I always thought it was January 1991, but I read recently on a Digital Spy soap forum that he "went part time" in 1991, and actually left in 1995?

The Bugle says:

Well, the 1980s are really our bag, but we'll make an exception just this once, Liz!

Ronald Magill left the permanent cast of Emmerdale in 1991, as you originally thought. He did a few short guest stints after that, up to 1995 we believe, but he was guesting, not on a "part time" contact.

When he left in 1991, Ronald Magill was honoured with his own tribute show from YTV - Last Orders For Amos, and also appeared on Wogan, where he had his famous mutton chop sideburns shaved off!

Fond farewell - Amos and Mr Wilks outside the Woolpack in 1991 - Amos actually called Mr Wilks "Henry"! - and (right) Ronald Magill appearing with Terry Wogan shortly afterwards.


  1. Anonymous18.5.09

    Amos' guest appearances after he left the permanent cast:

    1991 - Henry Wilks funeral, of course.

    1992 - Came back at Christmas to whisk Annie off for a holiday in Spain, where she met her future husband Leonard.

    1994 - Brought back to run the pub in Alan's absence. This was due to Richard Thorp's ill health at the time.

    Appeared at Jack & Sarah's wedding and announced the renaming of the village to Emmerdale.

    1995 - Joe Sugden's funeral (his final appearance)

  2. Snapp5.7.09

    He made two other appearances in 1994, he returned for the funeral of the plane crash victims where he read the same reading he had done at Wilks funeral.

    He returned again a few weeks later for Turner's wedding to Shirley where he served as best man.