Sunday, 21 June 2009

1983: Jackie Merrick's Black Eye...

Notice anything odd about this postcard of Seth Armstrong (Stan Richards) and Jackie Merrick (Ian Sharrock), taken at the Corner Shop in Esholt in 1983?

Yes, that's right, Ian Sharrock appears to be sporting a black eye!

But rest assured, Ian wasn't, Jackie was!

The photograph was taken whilst Stan Richards and Ian Sharrock were filming in Esholt in the summer of 1983. I've actually found the completed episode, which shows Jackie and Seth leaving the Esholt Corner Shop, AKA the Beckindale village shop, and discussing the latest village doings in the street.

Jackie's shiner came from "women trouble". His brief romance with Angie Richards (Beverly Sowden/Callard) had ended, but Jackie, after a few pints, was still jealous to see her with a new boyfriend at the disco in Hotten...

Angie's latest lover-boy was up to the challenge, and landed Jackie with a black eye, before the bouncer moved in to split the warring pair up.

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