Thursday, 25 June 2009

Rewriting The Past: Alan Turner's Children

Confrontation at Home Farm in 1984 - Alan Turner (Richard Thorp) with Seth Armstrong (Stan Richards) and John Tuplin (Malcolm Raeburn).

Mike queries:

I seem to remember Terence Turner in the mid-1980s being very much younger than the (now late) Terence Turner of more recent years! Can you explain this?

Yes, Mike - history is often rewritten in soaps. I'm studying some episodes from 1983/1984 and in one 1983 episode Alan plainly states that he is having to find school fees for his two children. And, in 1985, Terence was, of course, dropping out of university!

Both Alan's children in the modern day Emmerdale serial were born somewhat earlier than the original versions.

This type of thing is common in soaps and has been for many years - previously unseen/minor/recurring characters in a regular character's background have their details tweaked to suit the dramatic needs of a programme. I recall similar things occurring in Coronation Street in the 1970s and 1990s, when the ages of the Barlow twins and Mike Baldwin's son, Mark, were tweaked to fit in with story-line ideas.

I'll reveal further information about Alan's family background in the 1980s as soon as I have it.

Terence Turner, the '80s version, played by Stephen Marchant.


  1. Anonymous25.6.09

    Bryan Higgins: Hi Andy, how long after Alan's debut in 1982 did he mention that he had children, and did he at any time mention a granddaughter in the early 80s?

  2. Hi, Bryan! Alan mentioned having two children at school in 1983. No mention of a grandchild. I'm approaching the episodes where his wife comes to stay with him at Home Farm, so I should find out more then. I believe his daughter was called "Mary" back then.

  3. Anonymous25.6.09

    Terence Turner when he returned recast in 2005 did call his sister Mary. Stephanie was her middle name.

  4. Yes, I remember you saying before, Bryan. It seems to be the ages that have been altered.