Monday, 22 June 2009

Uttered In The '80s Part 5 - Seth Armstrong: Advice For A Young Man...

Seth (Stan Richards) was fond of young Jackie Merrick (Ian Sharrock), and, watching him suffer after the break-up of his romance with Angie Richards (Beverley Callard) in the late summer of 1983, decided to offer some heartening words of wisdom:

Seth: "I'll tell you somethin' - bit of fatherly advice - if you're gonna start takin' young women out..."

Jackie: Look, I don't need your advice, Seth!"

Seth (ignoring that): "It's four F's - I learnt that, see... Find 'em, Feed 'em..."

Jackie (interrupting): "I tell yer, I'm not interested!"

I seem to remember that the fourth "F" was "forget 'em", but the third... well, that would have raised a few eyebrows in Beckindale!

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