Monday, 20 July 2009

Bugle News...

This charming man... Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) pays his first visit to The Woolpack. Alan Turner (Richard Thorp) entertains him.

Work is underway for our 1984 Month in August, I'm currently slaving over a huge pile of screen caps and write-ups. Hopefully it'll be worth the work!

It's come to my attention that a prominent member of the 1980s Emmerdale Farm cast has recently visited this blog. Terrific! It's not either of the two guys pictured, by the way!

Many thanks to Mary of Emmerdale Guys And Gals for her help in providing material on the 1982 Decade Down On The Farm TV special for our 10th anniversary article. Cheers, Mary, much appreciated!

Meanwhile, "Alan's Carpet Slippers" has written to say:

Who would have thought, back in the ambling Emmerdale of the 1980's, that Alan Turner's screen son would turn out to have molested his sister, that said sister was a killer, and that Alan's wife would be shot and killed in a hold-up Home Farm? And, on top of that, Alan himself would be shot through the window of The Woolpack? The days of Mrs Bates seem far distant!

Rest assured, "Carpet Slippers", they are never very far away here at The Bugle!

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