Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Judy Westrop - The Burning Issue...

Judy Westrop (Jane Cussons) has a cigarette in 1980.

Harry has written:

I was interested in your post about Emmerdale Farm in early 1980, and the screen grab you featured of Judy Westrop smoking a cigarette. I thought that people on TV were not supposed to be seen smoking until after 7 P.M. in those days? Crossroads, the ATV soap, was certainly subject to this ban and cigarette advertising on ITV had ceased in 1965 (although cigar advertising was still allowed). As Emmerdale Farm was still screened in a few ITV regions before 7 P.M. in 1980, can you explain this?

No, Harry, I'm afraid not!

The character of Judy, was certainly a smoker, although I can't recall any others in Emmerdale Farm at that time.

Perhaps, as the show was scheduled by Yorkshire TV to go out at 7pm, it somehow slipped through the net? I do recall Mrs Tardebigge, the Crossroads cleaner smoking later in the '80s - before 7pm, but I don't know anything regarding the law, broadcasting, and representations of cigarette smoking on the box back then.

If anybody DOES know the facts, I'd be happy to hear from them.

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