Monday, 11 July 2011

Sheila Mercier - Living With Fame

Sheila Mercier as Annie Sugden, matriarch of "Emmerdale Farm", in the 1980s.

An early signed publicity photograph.

From the Daily Mirror, May 23, 1985:

Sheila Mercier, who plays the head of the farming household, Annie Sugden, has been the female anchor of the show since the first episode.

But she has mixed feelings about the programme.

She is delighted with its success, and it has given her a secure living for the past twelve years. "But," says Sheila, "it has completely mucked up my home life. I missed out on my son Nigel's formative years."

"The worst thing is that when you're out people grab you and try to kiss you. It's dreadful. I try to be as remote as possible."

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