Friday, 27 November 2009

Poll Result - Kim Tate Rules, OK?!

Thanks to everybody who voted in our recent "'80s Introductions" poll - in which we set out to assess the popularity of new characters, recasts and permanent incomers in Emmerdale Farm/Emmerdale in the 1980s.

The results are as follows...

Helen Weir as Pat Merrick, Edward Peel as Tom Merrick, Carl Rigg as Richard Anstey, Jim Millea as Pete Whiteley, Glenda McKay as Rachel Hughes, Craig McKay as Mark Hughes and Drew Dawson as Jock MacDonald all receiving one vote each.

Two votes each for Jane Hutcheson as Sandie Merrick, Martin Dale as police sergeant Ian MacArthur, Peter Amory as Chris Tate, Sally Knyvette as Kate Hughes and Madeleine Howard as Sarah Connolly.

Receiving three votes each are Peter Schofield as Ernie Shuttleworth, Norman Bowler as Frank Tate and Teddy Turner as Bill Whiteley.

Four votes go to Fionnuala Ellwood as Lynn Whiteley.

On five votes - wonderful Walter, played by Al Dixon, Ian Sharrock as turbulent teen Jackie Merrick and Cy Chadwick as nice Nick Bates.

Seven votes go to Leah Bracknell as Zoe Tate.

Jean Rogers as the dependable and much-loved Dolly Skilbeck and Malandra Burrows as tragic Kathy Bates both score eight.

Stan Richards as Seth Armstrong, a permanent character from 1980 onwards, scores nine, as does Clive Hornby's Jack Sugden, a 1980 newcomer.

A bit of a surprise this, but I was glad to see Tony Pitts as Archie Brooks scoring so highly with ten votes, and joined by the brilliant Mrs Bates, who also scored 10 votes.

Almost neck-and-neck, we find Richard Thorp as Alan Turner on thirteen and Christopher Chittell as Eric Pollard on fourteen.

And the winner is...


... on seventeen votes!

Why aren't I surprised?!

Thanks to everybody who voted - one-hundred-and-fifty votes in all - and took a little time to remember and rate those who arrived in Beckindale during the 1980s.

More polls next year.


  1. Without Kim's arrival in 1989, a lot of things simply would not have happened. I thought she always showed signs of a potential to be serious aggro. Claire King is a glorious beauty - with a wicked twinkle in her eye!

  2. Anonymous19.2.11

    Wow, Claire was and still is well fit!