Friday, 27 November 2009

Was Kim Tate "Unbelievably Nice" In The 1980s?

An e-mail from Sarah, who has been reading on an Emmerdale chat board that Kim Tate was "unbelievably nice" in the 1980s.

Was she? asks Sarah.

Well, firstly, Kim Tate didn't make her screen debut until late 1989 (she won our recent poll for '80s character introductions) so she didn't have much chance to be anything in the 1980s. But no, she wasn't "unbelievably nice" at all - she immediately outwitted Seth Armstrong and was seen to be quite a direct and self-possessed personality - although a million miles away from the Alexis Carrington-style character of the 1990s.

Phillip says: "I'm so glad that Kim won your 1980s poll - it's fitting that the English Alexis should have made her soap debut in the decade of big hair and shoulder pads. Can you put some pictures and stories of her in 1989 up here?"

We'll be taking a look at Kim's debut very soon, Phillip.

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