Tuesday, 12 January 2010

E-Mails - Woolpack Walter (1980-1985), Mrs Eckersley (1980) And Matt And Dolly (1989)

Cheers, Walter! Al Dixon as The Woolpack's Silent One in 1984.

A few e-mails and comments to answer about our blog dedicated to the '80s down Beckindale way...

Bryan asks:

When will you be featuring more Walter?

Soon, Bryan. I love Walter!

CJ writes:

Brilliant stuff about Mrs Eckersley (Pam St Clement) and her Emmerdale debut in 1980. Can you feature her storylines, please?

As I wrote before, CJ, Pam St Clement appeared in Emmerdale Farm from episode 561 to episode 565 in March 1980, just five episodes, so there is only one story-line about her. She did the cooking at Emmerdale Farm whilst Annie was away in Ireland. Her husband and daughter were also briefly featured. I'll write it all up in detail at some point.

And finally Cerys says:

Please - when will you continue the saga of Matt, Dolly and the early days of Emmerdale in 1989?

Soon, Cerys - as I explained, things are a bit busy here at the moment. Hopefully in February things will be more settled and the '89 saga will resume.

Finally, thanks for the entries for the Amos signed pic competition. The winner will be announced on 31 January.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Signed Pics Of Pam St Clement As Mrs Eckersley?

Ross has written to ask:

Are there any signed photographs of Pam St Clement as Mrs Eckersley in 1980?

Afraid not, Ross - the character only appeared in five episodes in total - the first, episode 0561, broadcast on 10 March 1980, and the last, episode 0565, on 25 March 1980.

Competition: Future Stars Of EastEnders In '80s Emmerdale... Pam St Clement As Mrs Eckersley (1980) And...

Mrs Eckersley arrives at Emmerdale Farm in March 1980...

The last blog post has given me an idea for a competition. We know that Pam St Clement (now Pat Evans of EastEnders) appeared in five episodes of Emmerdale Farm in March 1980 as Mrs Eckersley, but what other future EastEnders star cut his/her soap teeth in 1980s Emmerdale Farm?

Send your answer and name/nickname via the comments section, and I'll put all the names into a hat (or bucket) on 31 January and the first one drawn out by my own fair hand will win a signed, colour photograph of Ronald Magill as Amos Brearly from the 1980s.

What could be simpler?

Go on, have a go!