Friday, 1 January 2010

Competition: Future Stars Of EastEnders In '80s Emmerdale... Pam St Clement As Mrs Eckersley (1980) And...

Mrs Eckersley arrives at Emmerdale Farm in March 1980...

The last blog post has given me an idea for a competition. We know that Pam St Clement (now Pat Evans of EastEnders) appeared in five episodes of Emmerdale Farm in March 1980 as Mrs Eckersley, but what other future EastEnders star cut his/her soap teeth in 1980s Emmerdale Farm?

Send your answer and name/nickname via the comments section, and I'll put all the names into a hat (or bucket) on 31 January and the first one drawn out by my own fair hand will win a signed, colour photograph of Ronald Magill as Amos Brearly from the 1980s.

What could be simpler?

Go on, have a go!


  1. Ross Kemp :)

  2. This competition is now over, but look out for the next one!