Friday, 12 February 2010

E-Mail Enquiry: Nick's '90s Glasses...

Nick Bates (Cy Chadwick) had a mullet when he first appeared in Beckindale in 1985. In 1990, he had glasses (briefly)...

I've had an e-mail enquiry from Chris which strays off my 1980s territory a little and into the early 1990s:

I wonder if you could explain something rather strange I have come across on youtube. I came across a trailer for Emmerdale from 1990 ( I know it's not the 80's, but 1990 has always been a 'transition' period for me. The 90's didnt start until 1991 for me!). The first clip of the trailer is Kathy and Nick Bates sat outside the woolpack talking. Now you might think this is normal. It was until I noticed that Nick was WEARING GLASSES! and they seem to be the exact ones that Archie Brooks had started wearing in late 1991/ Early 1992.

Do you know why this was? Do yuo know how many episodes they portrayed Nick has having 'Bad Eyesight'? Nick certianly didnt have problems with his eyes in the 80s and certianly not after 1990 and until he went to prison. I never did see Emmerdale In 1990 (missed the repeated episodes on Granada plus). Any Light shed on this would be appreciated

If anybody can help Chris discover the facts behind Nick's '90s glasses, please contact me here via either e-mail or comments, and I'll pass the message on. I'm going to check the episodes I have from 1990 in the meantime.


  1. Anonymous13.2.10

    One Idea is that those who create and edit the characters of the show wanted someone to look a bit 'Nerdy' much like Coronation Street's 'Curly' or Eastender's 'Lofty'. Nick was possibly the 'early experiment' for this before they decided That they would be better suited to Archie later on. By the way, Curly, Archie and Lofty all seemed to be rather unlucky in love and have similar 'traits'. Anyone else notice?

  2. I think you may have a point! The characters of Curly Watts and Archie Brooks both first appeared in their respective soaps in 1983. Lofty was launched with the 'Enders in 1985. Seemed soaps had a taste for introducing "nerdy" misfits back then!