Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Dolly Skilbeck Change Over...

From the Yorkshire Evening Post's 1985 supplement, celebrating 1000 episodes of Emmerdale Farm.

An enquiry regarding our recent post about Jean Rogers taking over the role of Dolly Skilbeck from Katharine Barker in April 1980:

If Katherine's Dolly hadn't been seen since the previous summer, how was Dolly's absence explained?

In July 1979 Dolly, then played by Katharine Barker, announced she was pregnant.

Katharine Barker then left the role.

ITV disappeared from our screens during the strike of August to October.

Emmerdale Farm returned to our screens in January 1980. In the story-line, Dolly had apparently been rushed into hospital just after the New Year 1980 celebrations and was not featured on-screen at all.

In off-screen story-line drama, Dolly lost her baby, and spent some time in a convalescent home before returning to Beckindale in April 1980, with Jean Rogers in the role.

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