Saturday, 15 May 2010

Esholt And The Woolpack...

Roger asks:

Was the village of Esholt in Yorkshire chosen to represent Beckindale simply because it had a pub called the Woolpack?

No, Roger. Esholt didn't have a pub called The Woolpack originally. The village's Commercial Inn was transformed into The Woolpack for exterior shots by using two fake signs - as seen in the 1980 pics at the top of this post. The Commercial was renamed The Woolpack in the early 1990s - thus making life for the Emmerdale production team a little easier!

Yorkshire Television arrives for another day's filming. And once The Commercial has been transformed into The Woolpack, Annie Sugden (Sheila Mercier) emerges after a visit to Amos (Ronald Magill) and Mr Wilks (Arthur Pentelow).


  1. Benjamin15.5.10

    Gosh and I was in Esholt last Sunday. Is that Annie Sugden in the red coat?

  2. Oh yes! Did you see Walter?

  3. Benjamin16.5.10

    No I didnt see him unfortunately. That pic of Annie in the red coat is an exact pic of me posing outside the Woolpack in my photos. Did you see that one with my arms folded?

  4. Yes! I loved the photograph of Amos and Mr Wilks on display in the Woolpack at Esholt. It was taken in September 1981.