Saturday, 5 June 2010

Esholt - The 1980s Emmerdale Era And 2010

Esholt, AKA Beckindale/Emmerdale, 2010. Looking across the allotments to the back of The Woolpack.

Beckindale Bugle reader Ben is a great fan of Emmerdale past and present, and recently visited Esholt, which was the village's exterior location for many years - including the entire 1980s.

We thought it might be fun to do a "Then And Now" retrospective - Beckindale 1980s meets Esholt 2010...

Here's Ben on the very spot where Amos clocked the "return" of the revised and recast Merrick family in September 1980!

In the modern day Esholt Woolpack, memories of Amos and Mr Wilks still linger. The photograph above adorns one of the walls in the pub and is captioned:

EMMERDALE FARM, SEPTEMBER 1981. Henry Wilks (Arthur Pentelow) and Amos Brearly (Ronald Magill) pictured outside The Woolpack.

1981 is a very special year to this blog - it was the year when a certain Mr Brearly founded The Beckindale Bugle - from which we took our title!

The Woolpack in 2010 and in 1980. Back in the '80s, the pub was called The Commercial Inn and had to be disguised as The Woolpack before each episode was filmed. The Commercial became a real-life Woolpack in the early 1990s.

Esholt Sports And Leisure Club in 2010 - and the Beckindale village show, 1980! The Esholt site saw many scenes of sporting rivalry in Emmerdale Farm - and Seth Armstrong accidentally drenching Alan Turner (who was suffering from Seth-induced food poisoning) with champagne after the 1986 NY Estates Versus Beckindale Cricket Match.

Ben's photograph of the Esholt allotments. In 1980, Amos Brearly acquired an allotment in Beckindale - and the scene was set for a decade of rivalry with Seth Armstrong!

Looking across Main Street, Esholt, from The Woolpack - and, inset, Amos and Mr Wilks at home in Main Street, Beckindale in 1981. Amos has just spotted Walter leaving the village shop, studying a copy of The Beckindale Bugle!

Amos won a tricycle in a competition in 1983 - and was thrilled. He was no fan of two wheelers ("Put me on a bike and you've got a wobble!"). Ben retraced Amos's 1983 ride through Beckindale in modern day Esholt.

To end on - a few Esholt facts:

Esholt was originally known as "Escheholt" - the ash wood

The church - which doubled as St Mary's in the Beckindale saga - was built in 1839.

Esholt Old Hall, next to the church, is thought to date from the medieval period and is closely associated with the Sherburne (or Shireburne) family, an ancient catholic family.

Most of the estate cottages in the village date from the early 19th Century.

Esholt doubled as Beckindale from 1976 to 1998 and is still a popular destination for Emmerdale fans.


  1. Benjamin28.6.10

    Thanks Andy. I enjoyed my time in Esholt. I took endless other photos. To stand where Amos stood 30 years before when he clocked Pats return was brilliant. Me and mum had a dinner in the Woolpack and part of the Emmerdale Woolpack interior is based loosely on the real one, especially the stairwell they used to have in the 1980s at the back of the Emmerdale Woolie.

  2. I really like the photographs, Ben. I must write an article about a slight alteration that was made to the Esholt Woolpack in 1982 and how it was explained in the Emmerdale Farm story-line.

  3. Benjamin28.6.10

    Hi Andy.

    Did you see the pic I took of inside the Esholt Woolie with the stairwell at the back which was copied for the Emmerdale Woolie?


  4. Yes - great photograph!