Saturday, 3 July 2010

Beckindale Bugle - What Would You Like To See?

"Eee, an 'oliday down south, Mr Wilks! We Brearlys have never been afraid of travel. You take my Uncle Arthur - he went overseas. Isle of Wight, it were... the tales he could tell..."

We are off to Bournemouth tomorrow. It's time for some sun, sand, sea and... fish and chips.

Walter's packed his bucket and spade and got Archie to look after his budgie whilst he's away, Amos is planning to write an article on "Down South" for the Hotten Courier, Mr Wilks is planning a few good walks and some bird watching, and Alan Turner is planning some bird watching of a different kind!

Before we go, we'd just like to draw your attention to our three new polls. Here at The Bugle, we value your feedback, so we'd like you to cast your eyes right and look at our new polls.

We'd love your views.

Got to go now. Nay, Walter, you can't take the goldfish!

See you in a fortnight! xxx


  1. Great Polls Andy , Anything to do with the Sugdens past is interesting, pluss the oldies we see today, Alan Turner , people like him who make Emmerdale what its bacame.

    Some memories there and I thought I only started watching in 03 :)

  2. Thanks, Mary - it's great to see you here!

  3. Anonymous4.7.10

    The polls are a great idea Andy,must have taken a fair bit of thought to make them up.

    I think I started watching Emmerdale more seriously in the 80s, so it's good to be reminded of what happened then.


  4. Benjamin5.7.10

    Yes Alan Turner is an Emmerdale legend. I have submitted my 3 votes for the polls.