Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Greetings From Bournemouth

Fancy headwear for Walter to keep the sun off in Bournemouth?

I promised my wife I'd have a fortnight off the Web whilst we are holidaying in Bournemouth, but she has granted me permission to have a quick peek at The Bugle and to reply to a couple of comments.

Cerys writes:

Hope you enjoy your holiday. I can just imagine Walter paddling in the sea, with his flat cap on and his trouser legs rolled up!

A sight for sore eyes, Cerys! We're having a great time. I had the most beautiful bacon and mayonnaise roll I have ever tasted today. It was a soft, fresh, white roll. The bacon was tender, flavoursome and hot, the mayonnaise a creamy delight. Will tell more when I get back.

Peek has written, too:

The polls are a great idea Andy, must have taken a fair bit of thought to make them up.

I think I started watching Emmerdale more seriously in the 80s, so it's good to be reminded of what happened then.

Thanks, Peek - I just want to get feedback so that I can provide people with what they really want to read.

And thanks to Benjamin for writing and for voting in the polls.

I've prolonged the polls so that they will run for an extra week. Please vote if you haven't already.

I'm off to bed now! I'll try to pop in here again before the holiday ends.


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