Thursday, 16 September 2010

Emmerdale Farm 1980 - Edward Peel's Debut As Tom Merrick

Hooray! Somebody has uploaded Edward Peel's Emmerdale Farm debut episode as Tom Merrick - episode 623, broadcast 2 December 1980. The role had previously been played by David Hill in six early episodes, but Mr Peel stamped his own mark on it - making Tom rather a menace in early 1980s Beckindale!

Enjoy the episode in three parts below - and look out for Amos, Walter and other favourites!

Thanks to Ben for letting me know!

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  1. Benjamin18.9.10

    I am glad I watched the episode at last. Tom seemed cheerful in his first scene when he called Seth a snob but soon showed his darker side. Amos bellowing at him for pointing out his bad spelling was class as was the end scene where he winked menacingly at daughter Sandie and said "Hello Lass" "Dont all look pleased to see me then".