Thursday, 27 January 2011

Competition: What's Dolly Saying? Win A Beckindale Bugle Mug!

Here's your chance to win your very own, limited edition Beckindale Bugle ("Gossip From '80s Amos") tea mug.

Just study the screen grab above: Dolly Skilbeck (Jean Rogers) is having dinner with husband Matt (Frederick Pyne) and Jackie Merrick (Ian Sharrock), but her attention appears to have been distracted. Write a witty caption for the pic, enter it via our "comments" facility, and the three best entries will win Bugle mugs (Walter and Mr Wilks have already got theirs!). So, don't delay, write today!


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Long Silence...

Just checking my sitemeter tonight and I note that there is quite a lot of interest today in Alan Turner and Mrs Bates. I'm glad that people are still visiting! To those that have written - sorry for the long silence here - even Walter has been a little disgruntled by it - but 21st Century life is busy and so updates are few. We'll be back in the 1980s Beckindale groove again soon, I promise!